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Through her music, British-Bahraini trumpet player, Yazz Ahmed, seeks to blur the linesbetween jazz and electronic sound design, bringing together the sounds of her mixed heritage in what has been described as ‘psychedelic Arabic jazz, intoxicating and compelling’.Yazz has led her ensembles in performances across the UK & Europe, and further afield including Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, USA & Canada. She has also enchanted audiences at major festivals such as WOMAD, Love Supreme, NYC Winter Jazz Fest & Pori Jazz. A mark of her growing reputation is the series of sold out concerts in London overt he last few years.

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 Polyhymnia (2020)

La Saboteuse (2017)

Finding my way Home (2011)

"Ebi Soda drop a major gem with the arrival of their ethereal and electric, dance-inspired album Ugh."


"Shifting between breakbeats and loping tempos, the quintet beams out melodies like wide smiles."

Dave Sumner, Bandcamp

"Scorching funk-leaning jazz with plenty of left field influences"

Robin Murray, clash magazine

"Ebi Soda continue to make their mark as one of today’s most forward-thinking new jazz bands."

Colin Smith, Twisted Soul

"Lively, frenetic tunes that will work the dancefloor, through to more meditative, cosmic psychedelia. Absolute killer!"

Sounds of the universe

"just fucking cool-sounding... 

Great grooves from a great band yet again."

Jazz Revelations

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