Sophie Bass


London, UK.

Sophie is a Trinidadian-English illustrator based in London. One of the most exciting names on the scene currently, Sophie’s hand-drawn works capture the vibrancy of movement, dance, vitality and communion like few others working today. Working with various high-profile commercial, political and musical clients, her extensive sleeve designs for jazz artists Soweto Kinch, Yazz Ahmed and Ash Walker have already sparked comparisons with Blue Note legend Reid Miles.


Using just felt-tips, pencils and paints, Sophie’s illustrations weave natural and folkloric symbols and patterns into modern scenes of liberation, nature, mythology, festivity and dance culture. Music, politics, nature and community are central inspirations for much of Sophie's work as is her dual cultural heritage. She has worked with many world-leading clients including Dr Martens, Adidas, Gal-Dem and The Green Party.

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