Kenny Vaughan

Execution Manager.

London, UK.

Kenny is Creative Strategist at IXCHEL. He is based in London. A tireless champion for progressive and just artist representation, Kenny has worked for years at the very top of licensing and rights in the music industry. With an eagle eye cast over any [top-level] decision, he ensures that every step guarantees suitable commercial viability, without compromising the art. 

At all stages of the publishing process Kenny makes sure that everyone is in-the-loop and fairly treated, and that everyone gets their paycheck (or there's high hell to pay in lieu). He ensures all negotiations entail maximum flexibility, freedom and room for growth for the artist, and helps to jimmy them out of any previous restrictive arrangements. At IXCHEL, Kenny has designed a pioneering contracting system for the collective that has already won the plaudits of various industry heads. 

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